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Ten Piscataqua

2024 Ten Piscataqua Writers

2024 Ten Piscataqua Writers

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Ten Piscataqua Writers 2024 is a way for the regional arts community to regularly discover, explore, and celebrate the outstanding writers we have among us. We intend to publish this anthology of regional writing on a biennual basis. It’s not an anthology of just short stories, just essays, or just poetry, our goal is to present an eclectic mix of ten established and emerging writers working in the region. These are writers we think you should know about.

• A regular arts platform for writers. Our Call for Entries and selection process proved what we knew already, that our region is blessed with incredible writing talent working in all kinds of literary forms. Most folks who belong to that community become aware of each other through local writers’ groups, readings, book signing events, and hoots. But what’s really missing is a way for everyone to discover these talents in a printed paperback that can be shared and/or gifted. Book publishing is in a state of upheaval, but that upheaval offers new opportunities and business models. Our model is to build on community at all levels, not just folks who want back a good read for $20, but for those who can recognize and support an excellent idea for the writing community. 

• Community building. Our books recognize a larger arts community than any individual city or town, celebrating the arts community of a larger region—the Piscataqua River watershed straddling the southern NH &ME border and all the tributaries that feed into it. We feel strongly that the more a community is aware of and supports its local genius, the more grounded and sustainable that community becomes. Members of the writing community have come together in this book in various ways: the writers who’ve offered us their visions; creative professionals who invested their time and talent to produce and market the book, readers who back us when collecting or gifting copies, and art patrons (businesses, organizations, and individuals) who support the effort with generous donations because they recognize the larger community benefits.

• Supporting local writers! Every dollar we can raise beyond our crowdfunding target (breakeven) to get the book on press starts putting money directly into the pockets of not only the ten contributing writers, but the creative professionals who have also invested their time and talents to produce and market the book. A traditional publisher would never undertake and anthology like this, the market is simply too small. The only way it can happen is through collaboration, where everyone gambles we’ll find enough support from a community of Backers and Patrons. 

• An ongoing series. The paperback anthology of regional writers builds on our success with our two Studio to Coffee Table Books showcasing local visual artists, Ten Piscataqua Photographers, and Ten Piscataqua Painters, and the first entry in our Paperback Writer series, Ten Piscataqua Writers 2022. Once the 2024 volume is Published in November, we’ll be announcing the “Call for Entries” for the 2026 anthology.

• An educational tool. This book opens a window into the worlds of ten different storytellers. It teaches what regional writers are up to. It teaches that good writing is not just about decoration, good writing has things to say. These writers have things to tell us. A book in your hand is such an intimate way to take the time to explore, see, and listen to what they’re saying.

• An historical document. The Piscataqua region has a rich history of writers, and Ten Piscataqua Writers 2024 presents a snapshot of what writers in the region are up to today.

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