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Remember When Kardlets

Remember When Kardlets

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Give someone a chance to take a stroll down memory lane with our best-selling Remember When KardLet. Remember When KardLets are a greeting card/book hybird, that include 24 pages of interesting news, facts,authentic ads, cost of living index, and much more for your special year!

  • Classic year-specific advertisements, jumping off the page in full color
  • Price index of cars, houses, milk, bread and more
  • Both world and national news that made headlines that year

Special Features and Benefits:

  • One of our classic KardLets with all the fun facts of yesteryear, Remember When is perfect for those who like their nostalgia in softer, warmer hues (covers are color-coded by decade too).
  • Years 1930-1999 are available, along with 1920-29 and 2000-01 upon special request. There’s a Remember When for people of all ages, for every event and occasion—and for men and women alike!

A Gift for All Occasions! Remember When…Booklets Celebrate your favorite year by flipping through this 26-page Full-color walk down memory lane. Interesting news, sports facts, Hollywood highlights Price index of cars, houses, milk, gas and much more. Actual magazine advertisements from the selected year are Featured throughout.

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